Challenges Of Industrial Wireless

There are basically three major loopholes of industrial wireless technology. These loopholes are more applications based on industrial wireless on the market, just like motion control. We shall take a review of these challenges.


although we already have specific industrial wireless devices to work in a factory environment, there are still certain details to consider when applying them on the factory floor, such as the presence of solid objects such as walls, and humidity relative air, as a very humid environment can impair signal quality, depending on the type of protocol chosen;

Electromagnetic Interference ( EMI )

Just  like any good industrial environment, there are power equipment and cables, such as motors and transformers that have large electromagnetic fields, fields that can end up interfering with wireless signals , so this is an item that must be taken into account during the initial phase of the project;


A culture has been created within the industry that cables are always more reliable than wireless solutions and perhaps this culture is the biggest obstacle to the growth of industrial wireless technologies , but this thinking has been gradually changed together to the technological advances that the manufacturer has been investing in this market, so my suggestion to end this concept is to start using this technology in smaller applications and then expand to larger ones.

Even with all these details, we believe that industrial wireless technology will have a big growth in the coming years, along with applications with mobile devices ( Mobile ) and Internet of things ( IoT ), but always remember never to use wireless products that are not certified for industrial use on the shop floor , by doing this you already drastically reduce possible setbacks with this technology.

Regardless if you are looking to implement this technology in your company, if you are already installing it or if you are just searching for curiosity, my best wishes to you and see you in my next post!