Everything to know about playing DominoQQ

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Gambling online, an overview


For years, there were only land-based casinos that allowed people to get in and play their favorite casino games and gamble. There were severe restrictions for such activities in most countries. So, the people from these countries did not gamble until the arrival of the internet. Once it came, the gambling industry has shown a drastic change. People from almost all countries came into the industry as they could play these games by sitting in their homes. There is no need for a land-based casino now and one could play all games as he wants through various websites out there. As the demand grows, new games are entering the market daily. There are several popular games out there played by people around the world with the craze. One such game is the domino QQ. One can play QQ online through any of the reliable casinos that offer the game. The rules are not complicated and even a newbie could catch up soon. Because of this ease, the game is widely popular around the world. However, it is better to know the basics of it before you begin playing it. So, let us try to cover some basic things about the game in brief in this article. 


Domino QQ, the gameplay


You would be familiar with poker. Domino QQ is also similar to poker in terms of the comparison nature. However, you will not use cards in domino QQ. Instead, you will get some small tile-like elements containing two digits on each. The players will gather and pay their initial bets to begin the gameplay. They will get three dominoes each to start the game. They can check the digits they have got. However, no one should reveal his hand to any other player. On seeing the dominoes, they have to add the digits on the dominoes together. Once they get the sum of the digits, they can use the unit digit as their rank. The objective of the game is to score high than other players. If the player’s rank is nine or something close to it, he will be the winner. If there is more than one person with a bet in the first round, each player will get a fourth domino. They have to do the same addition and find the rank now. The player with the highest rank wins. However, during the gameplay, each player will get one chance to decide on the following actions,


Bet – If he thinks that his rank will be higher than others, he can place a bet in the pot. 


Call – It is the process of matching a current bet with the confidence that the player’s rank will be the winner.  


Raise – If you think that you can get the advantage of an increased bet with your better rank with the dominoes, you can raise the bet amount. 


Fold – If you lose the hope of winning the game, you can withdraw from it by folding your hand.