Features of a Good Air Duct Cleaning Company

There are hundreds of air duct cleaning companies all over the world among which is Provo Air Duct Cleaning company. These companies differ in how they carry out their activities, how they respond to issues, their policies among other aspects.

As a result of these differences, you need to identify which company will best serve you. This requires you to have an idea of several companies, and possibly know their reputation. While choosing one, you need to bear some factors in mind. These are those aspects you will use to determine whether the company is fit enough to satisfy your need or not. Such features include but not limited to:

  • Insurance and Licensing

Every reputable Air Duct cleaning company must satisfy two key aspects; licensing and insurance. Licensing is where the company has been allowed by the relevant/governing authorities to carry out its activities. Insurance on the other hand, is cover taken and paid for by the company to protect themselves, the property and third parties from damage. Ideally insurance is meant for compensation in case of damages.

Having been insured you are confident that the company is in a position to compensate you for damages. And licensing proves to you that their operations are genuine and acknowledged by the authorities. In case of anything, you have a ground of suing them.

  • Certification

Such companies should be NADCA-certified. NADCA is an organization whose main objective is certifying companies. They ensure companies adhere to all hygienic as well as environmental policies.

The company you contract to clean the air duct for you should therefore have a certificate to shoe for this. If searching for the company online, ensure you can identify this certification from their website. 

  • Free Inspection

Inspection is inclusive of checking all the parts of the air duct to ascertain if there need be replacement. It can as well help you rule out those areas that need more attention.

All reputable companies offer free inspection before the main cleaning task. Though there are those who charge for the same. Since you are after acquiring quality as you save on cost, it is important for you to consider this factor. Check on their webpage or inquire around if this service is freely provided.

Cleaning Process Followed

Different companies have different cleaning processes followed. It is crucial for you to identify their process so that you are able to rule out which best works for you. Just like all other factors, this should be provided for on their webpage. 

  • Equipment Used

A good cleaning company should have convenient and high quality equipment for the purposes of cleaning. Such equipment include vent cleaners and Air Duct cleaners. These belong to the company and not you. Ensure therefore that you will not be required to buy any of them.

  • Experience Level

The longer the time of the company’s existence, the higher the probability of better services. Check out the number of years that the company has been offering those services. It will help you know what to expect from them.


When all is said and done, it is crucial to always choose the best service provider. To identify one, there are basic features that you need to look for. These have been explained in this article.