Whenever a child plays games, his brain is working out. For some games, those skills are required which need high-level thinking. These skills are not taught in school.  

When a child plays such a game as Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, etc. he enhances the creative ways to solve a puzzle or other problems. In shooting games, you have to focus and shoot and also have to run at the same time. Research shows that people can learn spatial and visual attention skills from video games. People playing such games have better surgical skills. Some games such as SimCity helps its players to manage to live within resources, the same way as in real life. Playing action video games primes the brain to make quick decisions. In these games, players make fast analysis and decisions without losing accuracy. In this world, it is important to move quickly without sacrificing accuracy. The young gamer reads to get instructions, follows a storyline and gets information from the game texts. Also, math skills are important to win in many games that involve quantitative analysis like managing resources. Games such as Battlefield Series helps you improve your memory. The player has to judge what information should be stored in his memory, and which is to be discarded. It improves your estimating skills. Games have internal logic in them which the player has to recognize by recognizing patterns.  

Video games introduce your kid to computer technology and the online world. It improves your teamwork and they co-operate well with others. Teachers report that their students become better collaborators after using digital games in the classroom. Video games increase your kid’s self-confidence and self-esteem as he masters games.