Having a problem in charging the device in a foreign country:

This is the most common problem that people face when they visit a foreign country. Sometimes the charging socket is the same but mostly it is different. Because the USA, Asian, and other countries have a different type of socket. So, if someone goes from an Asian country to the USA then they will face such kind of problem. Where their Usb power plug with 3 socket [ปลั๊ก 3 ตา usb, which is the term in Thai] can’t be used. In that case only thing can come for rescue. That is the universal adapter. It has all types of plugs which will fit in any country.

The problem is solved by charging by carrying this small piece of gadget. This gadget doesn’t even take a lot of space in the bag. A small area is enough for it. Just carry it and travel any country without worrying about charging the devices.

Universal adapter solution for multiple charging problems

A universal adapter has been widely used by many people. And, it is especially the best option for those people who travel to other countries frequently. Like if someone has Power plug with usb socket [ปลั๊กไฟ มี usb, which is the term in Thai] in Asian country style. And, travelling to the USA then this gadget will be a lifesaver for them. It has different types of ports in it. So, that the user can plug their charger in this and then take out the pin which is required in that country. And, the device will start charging. Other ways are also there like someone just needs to plug their USB in it. Then plug the universal adapter into the charging socket. It will also start charging the device.

Check the product before buying

It is the most important thing to do before buying any universal adapter. To check if it has all the plugs in it or not. Also, check that different types of chargers can be plugged in or not.