How Does Mitsubishi Melsec Function?

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It is possible to set up the interaction setup by the exact same display as useful GX Works or GX Developer. Assistance L series/FX Ethernet/Stand-Alone Motion


Support quickly new L series, as well as FX series Ethernet. Support Q170MCPU of Stand-Alone Movement.

  • Outfitted with “Q4E protocol” that regulates packet gap


DeviceXPlorer doesn’t take place the mismatch of response message as well as needed message, due to the fact that the Sequence number is ingrained.


  • Batch accessibility function


The greater than one PLC register can be collectively checked out, as well as composed as separator string, slash “/”, of a solitary tag. As an example, when you add an OPCItem as “D1000/Device1.D0/ZR200/M0”, you can read “10351,23045,0,0.”

  • Communication with arbitrary access buffer


Communicating shared memory of an Ethernet unit by arbitrary gain access to the barrier, you can exchange data high-speed, it doesn’t depend upon PLC’s check time.


  • Straight access to smart feature component


Buffer memory “G” can only be accessed by teams for which the smart feature module gain access is made possible. As an example, when you pick “QD75” and accessibility to “G800”, you can obtain “Present feed value.”

  • MELSECNET transient transfer


You can access other CPUs on Mitsubishi MELSEC/H as well as CC-Link/IE through the Ethernet device. You can build a flexible system arrangement; however, the communication efficiency is lower.

  • Assist Multi CPU


You can access the device memory of the CPU amongst two or even more CPUs mounted on the Q bus. Because the transfer function between the CPUs side is not used, the system construction of high throughput is possible.

  • Support a redundant system (QnPRHCPU)


It is feasible to access the CPU by defining the control system or standby system, system A or system B. By combining with the repetitive feature of the DeviceXPlorer, it is possible to represent the redundant system that immediately changes the line when the communication problem is generated.