How To Take Care Of The Hardware Of Your Computer

PowerEdge T440 Tower Server | Dell USA

Since the software is essential, the hardware such as Dell PowerEdge T440 is just as important since without hardware, there is no computer, so as there are tips on how to take care of the software, I will give you tips to take care of your computer’s hardware.

  1. Do not connect the power directly; use adequate electrical protection to protect your computer; it can be a current stabilizer or UPS with thermal protection.
  2. If possible, carry out general preventive maintenance at least once a year if it is a computer for domestic use and every six months if it is heavy-duty equipment or equipment from a Cyber ​​or Internet cabin. If you have a blower, you can remove the dust particles stored inside the box; for this, use a screwdriver and remove a side cover.
  3. Do not use the Reset Button frequently if there is a crash or slowness of the system; this causes the hard disk to suffer bad sectors that will irremediably affect it in the long run. If a problem occurs, try using the Ctrl + Alt + Del keys to close stuck applications.
  4. Make the correct sequence of program exit and system shutdown to preserve data and operating system.

If we take these essential steps into account, it will be difficult for our computer to give us problems and have it working correctly for many years.

Physically Clean The Machine

This in large companies may be complicated and more focused on the home user, but something as mundane as dust can be devastating for our team. Cleaning the interior of our machine of dust can be the difference between working or not working, and we can even see performance improvements in it.


It is clear that there is not always the possibility or the means to do so, but managing all the points we comment on may involve time that we do not have. A rule in active directory, a software that allows it, a small script, or even email or SMS alerts can make our lives much easier and save us a great deal of time.