Instagram Live as a tool for live streaming 

Instagram Live is a tool that you can utilize perform 실시간중계. You can use it to broadcast any event to an audience that wants to watch them digitally and engage with them in real-time. It can be compared to facebook live in its user experience and functionalities.  But the difference is that, with Instagram, users can only go live with the mobile version of the app and not with the desktop one.

What you require to go live on Instagram

For 실시간중계oninstagram, you will require:

  • A smartphone that has an Instagram app installed
  • A business or personal event Instagram profile

Key features of the Instagram tool

  • Color, draw, add location, people and tag people, gifs, emojis, filters in real-time on the live feeds.
  • Have an option between public and private audiences. When a live stream starts, you have an option of alerts for push notifications for your followers
  • As the audience sends their comments and likes, you are able to engage with them in real time. There is a stream of comments that will be displayed on the bottom screen. You can disable comments altogether or pin them to the comment stream at the top. 
  • Remove comments containing offensive, emojis, or phrases by selecting the hide the offensive comments option before you go live. 
  • Save the videos to my stories as you will have an option of viewing them for the next 24 hours after실시간중계and then it will disappear. If you pick the savingvideos option, you will be able to view the stream past the 24 hours after streaming it.
  • It is possible to go live with another user on Instagram by allowing them to join the stream and let them go live with you.  With that, there will be a split-screen interaction that the viewers will be able to catch. 

What to watch out when using an Instagram live tool

  • The tool is customed to a portrait view with a ratio of 9:16
  • The recording of the live views has to happen on a smartphone, and they can never be imported on another device.
  • It is possible to track metrics such as likes, a viewer count and comments when you are live and also after the broadcast. But to be able to see the impressions and the accounts reached, you will need to have an Instagram Business account. 

Who is most suitable to use the Instagram tool?

You can utilize the free Instagram tool for 실시간중계for a viewership of simple events to complex ones. You can use it when launching a book where you need 100 views to have live gaming of over 5000 participants. If you have a business or personal instagrampresence, the tool will allow you to tap into your existing audience and also reach out to a potential audience who are dotted across the world.