Is uber safer than a regular taxi?

Uber is a taxi hire and sharing application launched in 2010 and brings an evolution in the world of a regular taxi. From the launch till today, it is growing and spreading rapidly in the whole world. Uber has reached 4 million drivers and 75 million riders around the globe. This growth also leads to bump in the road because of increasing safety concerns.

Uber taxi’s safety record is much better in contrast to a regular cab. The best option to check who provides more safety between uber can or regular cab is to see who is providing more feature. Many features are provided by uber, but one of the most significant features is cheap private hire taxi insurance.

Uber is the safest ride only because of this option. There are many benefits of travelling with uber if you are going anywhere, but the most crucial factor is that it decreases pollution. In this article, we will discuss that in which ways uber is safer than a regular taxi.

Experienced driver

Uber ensure that they only hire those drivers who are too much experienced in driving. They take many driving-related tests before hiring them and check all the tiny details about their criminal and driving record. They check and collect all the employee data like driving license, proof of insurance and other documents related to the vehicle.  Uber also ensure that their drivers are more experienced than local taxi. These features mentioned above make uber safer in contrast to a regular cab.

How accountable is uber?

It doesn’t matter that uber drivers are using a private car because if they are on duty, they will always be on the radar of uber. Uber have the ability to locate them, so there is no chance for any kind of hassle or problems. Uber driver has the permission to take alcohol in the bloodstream but according to the limit which is fixed by law. Uber drivers are too much accountable for their work which is a good thing regarding the safety of the rider.

What are they driving?

It is a significant feature of uber regarding safety. Uber doesn’t allow their driver to drive the vehicle which is manufactured before 2005, which is an excellent thing because the chance of accidents increase as soon as the vehicle becomes old. Uber also ensures that they make a regular check-up of their vehicle, which leads to a decrease in the chance of an accident.  On the other hand, the taxi doesn’t ensure that they do a regular check-up of the vehicle or not.

Provides insurance

It is the foremost feature which alone has the ability to describe the safety of travelling with uber. Uber ensure that uber ride is very safe but don’t take any kind of guarantee that accident cannot happen. So, they also provide a feature of insurance. There are many types of complications related understand insurance coverage. The reason behind giving this uber taxi insurance is that if the driver is driving his vehicle for a service like uber, their personal insurance company deny giving an insurance claim.