Pc Cleaner – A Cleaner Software Has Different Tools For Which Enhance Your Pc

Due to the coronavirus (COVID 19) pandemic, in today’s world, the use of computers or screen time increases due to all the work shifted to online like companies employees work from home, online meetings and others, all the people work from home so there is no physical movement so governments also spread awareness through online mode like social handles, blogs, organize a competition to encourage people, in the education sector there is the gradual transformation all the studies mode shifted offline to online and other works also shifted to online like an appointment with doctors, grocery store, medical store, and others.

So above we discussed in the coronavirus ( COVID 19) pandemic all the work shifted to online then there is a huge use of computers or systems. Due to this, there is a huge impact on computers too in terms of junk files, unfamiliar viruses by clicking by mistakes then pc cleaner software is helpful for the system.

Let us know how pc cleaner work 

As we discussed above there is a huge use of computers so that the system also has software for which pc or system also work properly.

The work of pc cleaner software is to detect unnecessary files in our system ( we call them junk files), unwanted settings we do for which system speed low processing, detect unfamiliar virus-like adware, spyware, malware, and others that are bad for our system. So the pc cleaner does clean and deletes all the junk files, viruses, and others perfectly, also focusing on privacy and protection.

Is pc cleaner software different from antivirus software?

Yes, because pc cleaner software is used to detect junk files, unfamiliar settings, detect unused applications but antivirus software is used to detect, prevent, or optimize viruses or worms like malware, adware, spyware, and others. As now a new type of pc cleaner software comes that clean and detect viruses both.

Let us know what are the popular pc cleaner software in the market

Let we discuss some pc cleaner software that helps you to clean your pc are

  • CCleaner – CCleaner software optimizes the system to enhance the system’s performance and speed. CCleaner software also has a defragment tool it helps to defrag your system hard drive and get more space. The main feature of CCleaner software is that it cleans all junk files, browser history, and system cache files.
  • Microsoft total pc cleaner – the most reliable and good pc cleaner software is Microsoft total pc cleaner. It works as an in-depth scan of your system to clean junk files, browsing history, system cache files, mail cache, application cache, office cache, and others. If the user doesn’t use files or applications then Microsoft total pc cleaner deletes automatically from the system.


As we discussed above some good pc cleaner software as you believe on this software as by user reviews and working on this field for many years. So my final advice to you is that don’t use any pc cleaner software because of its access to your complete system and you are going to be in trouble because it can leak your privacy and system data.