Qualities of Best Menthol Vape Juice 

The E-Cigarette business has increased and continuously changed. That has caused much competition among producers and changes in corporate structures. Some of the largest companies, like Ovale.com, were formed during this later time and are European.

Cigarette smokers that were devoted to Kool Cigarettes often continue loyal to the menthol taste. While at least one state (New Jersey) has made it against the law to smoke e-cigarettes indoors, the argument still rages about whether e-cigarettes are smoking. We know they don’t create smoke, brown the teeth, bring an odor. The idea is that advertisements even state that the e-cigarette is smoking. 

What is Vape Juice?

Vape juice is one of the outcomes of e-cigarette growth. It is a liquid that is heated to create a fluid that then picks up the nicotine. It is pumped out. Though some arguments say there is no knowing exactly what is in vape juice, most of these juices consist of Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycol, flavoring and nicotine, and usually nothing else.



Propylene Glycol is petroleum-based and is found in medical items, pharmaceuticals, and beauty products, among other products. The argument is that petroleum Glycol is also in things like antifreeze and other household items. The FDA recognizes Propylene Glycol as “generally safe.”

Propylene Glycol is one of the main ingredients in vape juice. It is odorless and has no taste, and thus does not disturb the flavor in a particular vape juice. It gives the smoker a throat hit like that of real cigarettes, something some users want. Propylene Glycol does not give off a cloud. It is a taste increaser.

Let’s not forget Vegetable Glycol, the other main ingredient. All-natural Vegetable Glycol is made from palm or coconut oil. It sharpens the taste of the juice and makes it sweeter. Vegetable Glycol creates a thick cloud on exhale. And it gives no throat hit. 

Menthol Taste Vape Juice

There are many vape juices for many different tastes. Menthol is a cooling, older taste found by many when the smoker began with menthol cigarettes and switched over to menthol vape juice distributed by Ovale.com. Menthol is a human-made crystal made from mint peppermint and distillation of other natural ingredients. It has long been used as a soothing poultice on chests and around necks. It acts as a topical anesthetic to ease pain beneath the skin. The menthol crystal is mashed up to adhere to the liquid particles in the e-cigarette. 

The ratio of GP/VP is quite dramatic and alters the taste and smoothness of the juice. Some bouquets are more affected than others to this ratio, but that is something that each must decide.


Freebase and Salts

Freebase has an immense meaning for this industry. When freebasing, you are getting the purest tobacco, one that will deliver quickly to the lungs and brain. This also usually gives a raw throat, which the person wishes to avoid.

The new rage on the market is to vape with salts, which gives even more pure tobacco without the throat.

A new e-cigarette smoker must get used to vape juices, and it is suggested that they try a 50/50 distribution of VG/pg and, over time, decide what they do like. Many Ovale brand menthol vape juices are listed as50/50. The menthol tasting vape juice is freebase, the purest form of nicotine.


Menthol Vape Juice at Ovaleusa.com:

Charlie’s Chalk Dust-Black ice Menthol. It has taste flavors of cucumbers, sweetened blackberries, and refreshing menthol. The Vg/Pg ratio is 70/30. It is freebase Comes in a 60 ML Bottle.

Humble Blue Rasberry menthol has a strength of 3 mg, 6 mg, freebase with a ratio of 70/30 Comes in a 60 ML Bottle.

Humble Blue Rasberry Menthol (Salts) has a strength of 36 MG. Nicotine type salt, VG/pg ratio 50/50, Comes in 30 ML bottle, 

Menthol (Classic) strength 6 ml, 11 ml, 16 ml, 24 ml, refreshing menthol taste, freebase, PG/VG ratio 60/40, Comes in 23 ml bottle.

Menthol Puff, strength 3 mg, 6 g, 11 mg, 18 mg, freebase, Pg/VG ratio 50/50 Comes in a 30 ML bottle. 

Menthol Single Tobacco strength 3 mg,6mg, 11 mg, 18 mg, floral taste tobacco with menthol, freebase, Pg/Vg ratio50/50, Comes in 30 ML bottle.

If you are a beginner, then a menthol vape juice of a 50/50 ratio on GP/VP is a good start. From this, you can experiment until you find the right solution. Find the brand name Pick a vape juice, and enjoy the experience. 

With the competition so great, producers cannot afford to deliver less than excellent vapes.