Read this to know how you can start working as a motion graphics freelance artist:

SEO & PPC: A Primer on Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Most of the people out there are in a job that requires them to work according to the schedule that has been set by their employer. Such employees do not get much liberty to work in a way which is comfortable for them. However, a lot of people mend themselves and work without any complaint. But there are some people who just can’t manage their way through such demanding schedules. They need something that seems to them a little more controllable, where they can decide, where and on what project they want to work. This mostly happens with the artists as they are known to have a mind which keeps diverting from one interesting thing to another.

Don’t be afraid if you are new to the world of motion graphics:

Using a computer to generate interesting aesthetic imagery might seem an impossible skill to master. However, with just enough passion and commitment, you can easily make your way through it. Before jumping into this industry, you should prepare yourself for the long hours and the amount of rejections, you would be required to go through. Start by watching some beginner’s tutorials online. You can also join a learning institute where you can master these skills with a teacher by your side.

Think of yourself as a brand and start branding yourself as an artist:

It is not tough nowadays for artists to monetize their art. There are various clients out there who would be extremely happy to have you, if you produce quality work. But the question is how you are planning to reach on to them. This is where advertising sem [รับทำโฆษณา sem, which is the term in Thai] will help you. Your potential will most probably search for freelancers online, and by advertising yourself over the internet, you can appear in their search results. This will highly increase your chances of getting hired.