Safety Shoes: Recommendations For Shoe Storage

Storage should be done in a dry and ventilated place. Do not leave the products in stock for more than six months, as this can cause drying of the fibers and possible damage to leather shoes.

Shoes with polyurethane soles should not be kept in stock for too long to avoid the occurrence of hydrolysis, which is the process in which heat and moisture form water molecules that react with the chemicals in the sole, causing them to decompose. Rotate products correctly, ensuring that the first product in stock is the first one out. Click here for More info (ดูเพิ่ม which is the term in Thai) on safety shoes.


Shoes with non-slip soles are made to face smooth, slippery floors. Therefore, avoid using on rough floors (asphalt or sidewalks) or in environments where the non-slip system is unnecessary. This way, you preserve the quality and contribute to the product’s durability.

For cleaning, use a damp cloth or soap and a brush with soft bristles, both externally and internally. Do not use chemical products to avoid damaging the shoes. Drying should be done in the shade and away from sources with extreme heat incidence.

It is recommended to wear shoes with cotton socks, which help absorb sweat better. Remove the inner insole to dry absorbed sweat at the end of each day. And if desired, the insoles can be washed naturally with soap and water.


The cleaning of shoes made from microfiber must be done externally with a damp cloth, using only water and neutral detergent. Inside, you can use a cloth slightly dampened with alcohol to sanitize. The insoles can be washed with soap and water.

For greater durability, shoes should be stored in a cool place, away from intense heat and humidity. Drying should also be done in the shade, as recommended for the other abovementioned models.

Sweat is a determining factor in damaging a shoe. Therefore, it is essential to wear cotton socks to help absorb the sweat released by the feet. Socks should be changed every day, do not reuse them before washing them.