The BeneBirthday Party Escape Rooms-Why Have an Escape Room For Your Party?

When we think of a birthday party for a child, we immediately visualize a game of Monopoly, but did you know that by incorporating some of the benefits of a birthday party Escape room game into your child’s birthday party, you can greatly enhance the party? 

Often the benefits of these games are lost in the mix of being an enjoyable activity. Instead, incorporate these benefits into the birthday party and have a truly memorable time. To give you a better idea of what this can accomplish, try these two examples.

The first game we will look at is the “Monopoly” escape room. Here you will provide items

 to be purchased by the guests to help them get their properties. At the end of the night, each guest is asked to buy a property to live in. For the hostess, this is the perfect way to encourage conversation as you walk through the room giving prizes away to those who enter.

The second game involves a little bit more planning but still manages to be relatively simple and fun. In this game, the guests are asked to name a word that fits a certain requirement around a specific object within the room. Once the word is chosen, the hostess walks through and deals out money based on the word that was chosen. She then walks through the room supplying items of food, drink, and shelter for the guests until one is finally chosen. This is a great way to help keep track of how long someone has been there without getting too hungry or thirsty.

As you can see, the benefits of a birthday party escape room are both internal and external. Internal benefits include the opportunity for conversation, and the ability to teach the kids about responsibility. 

External benefits include the thrill of acquiring new items and the satisfaction felt from winning the prize. This feeling of satisfaction builds on the fact that the party was a lot of fun for everyone.

The idea of having a party escape room can also apply to other situations outside of the birthday celebration. Many school events, office parties, and even family reunions can benefit from this idea. By teaching children the importance of being responsible, they will in turn develop a sense of responsibility and be more likely to take care of others around them. A responsible person takes his time and makes sure that everyone is happy.

The key to making a birthday party escape room work is to keep it realistic and educational. Give the kids lots of freedom but keep the rules close to the surface. Tell the kids that while they have all the freedom inside, they still need to listen to the rules and not get themselves into trouble. 

If the party goes well and the party supplies are properly stocked, you can even use the break time of your birthday party escape room to do some teaching and discussion.