The Best Portable Bluetooth Wireless Keyboards of 2021

There are many advantages that come with using wireless keyboards. You get to be well organized, reduce clutter on your working desk, move around with your keyboard, and still work comfortably and efficiently. And, not just with your computer but also with your phones and tablets and just about any technological device.

There are many portable Bluetooth wireless keyboards in the market so getting one should not be an issue. The task is finding the best one. Here are some of the top wireless keyboards you should look into in 2021;

Logitech K380 Multi-Device

This wireless keyboard stands to be one of the most efficient Bluetooth keyboards. It is comfortable to use, compact, and has long battery life. You can also pair it with, or switch with up to 3 Bluetooth devices. Logic K380 comes with different prices depending on where you get it from. The price ranges from $30 to $40.

Logitech K380 Multi-Device for Mac

This works similar to Logitech K380, only that it is created for Mac. The layout of this keyboard is specifically designed for macOS devices; the Option, Fn, Command Keys, and Control, are just in the place where Mac use would expect. It is also comfortable and easy to use and type on and has a decent battery life, not to mention that it is super affordable.

Logitech MX Keys and Logic MX Keys for Mac

This is a full-sized keyboard layout. The build is of great quality and it offers one of the best user experiences; you get to type comfortably, is easy to use and set up, and not only can it connect via Bluetooth but also a USB dongle. The same goes for Logic MX Keys for Mac; they have the same great functionality and durability, only that the latter is built specifically for Mac and has a Mac layout.

Apple Magic Keyboard

This could be a little bit on the pricey side but it is still one of the best portable Bluetooth wireless keyboards for macOS users. There are many benefits carried by this keyboard. It is thin and super light, making it super ideal as far as portability. It is also easy and comfortable to use and has an easy setup. The rechargeable battery also has a long life. Overall, the keyboard has a high-quality performance and is generally a better option than most.

Goldtouch GTP-0044W Go!2

If you are looking for an ergonomic portable keyboard, you might as well want to take a look at the Goldtouch GTP-0044W Go!2. While most of these types are usually bulky and heavy, it is not the case with the above-mentioned keyboard.

It has a unique (ingenious) design that offers multiple different angles (at least 8) and can also be folded if need be. This makes it ideal if you travel a lot, or you just like working in different places. You can easily fold it up and fit it in your bag/suitcase. In a nutshell, the keyboard is versatile, easy to carry (as it is foldable and lightweight), highly adjustable, and generally of high quality and great performance.