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Are you looking for skirting that exactly matches the previous one? And want cheaper skirting Boards? Don’t worry!! We are about to share about a great site which will provide you all the necessary things altogether.

MDF skirting Board Design

MDF’s bespoke matching service will solve your problem if you are willing to match the preceding skirting. The process is very simple. They take up the particular drawing or short segment of the skirtings. Basically, of the ones that you want to match. Then, the experts start to cut down the exact copies of the same stuff that you already have. And with a high-quality finish, the product gets ready.


You can order on MDF in various thicknesses like 15mm, 18mm, and 25mm. Furthermore, you can also order a size, not from three of them.

They also manufacture sizes like the most common sizes are 30mm and 38mm. So, now you will be thinking about what is their maximum Thickness range? So, we got the answer to your question. MDF Skirting Boards’ maximum thickness is 50mm.

Don’t panic if you don’t want a thick board and want a thinner one for your house. MDF provides you with thin Skirting Boards also. You can place your order now!!


If, you are satisfied with the thickness and designs of the Skirting Boards. Now, the next question must be about the lengths and the Skirting. Right? Well, MDF offers Skirting in 3050mm and 4200mm lengths. So, order now all of the lengths that you desire to get ready from HDF material boards.

White Skirting Boards are very popular and comes with a premium glossy finish. MDF does the primer process with expertise. The spray is sprayed over the boards two times. Once the second layer gets added, the Skirting boards are transmitted to dry. After drying denibbing machine comes into action. It handles the bottom of the sanding and gives the primed surfaces of all the Skirting boards a nice and steady effect.

Free & Fast Delivery Process

Finally, the process comes up that is the Packaging and Delivery process. The wrapping team takes care of securing the order and managing it safe and suitable for transportation. Your boards will reach you in top-class condition. They make sure that the cardboard and shrink get covered on the Boards.

If you have any other queries related to Skirting, you may contact them. If you want some ideas, they also have blogs supports. That may give you relevant pieces of information about the Skirting ideas as well. They also offer Skirting Boards cover too. Isn’t it a great deal to buy both Boards and covers for the same on a single site? They render fast delivery services. Visit the MDF site, check their terms, conditions about the delivery, and the refund process. You can make easy contact with the staff by the contacting details provided on their page. You have to tap on the Contact Us option in the upper-most bar.