The Easiest Way To Manage & Use Your Virtual Gift cards Today

Universal gift cards act and look just like most credit cards. In fact, they are also issued by some banks like MasterCard, American Express and Visa. These gift cards can be used for a number of purchases both in store and online, while the balance is never negative and until the expiry time of the card. But you can only use the card after it has been activated. As with any other cards, the expiry date on the card is printed on the face of the card, or on the statement of Virtual Cards… or sometimes both. And when that happens, then you have to contact your bank and do the activation.

It is very easy for people to get their universalgiftcard activated. You just need to contact your bank or the company that issues the cards and you will be able to activate your card right away. Usually, activation would be done through mail but if you really want to do it by electronic means, you just need to visit the website of the issuing company and you will be given instructions by email. Some companies may require you to call or else visit the branches or show some identification documents.

There are basically two ways to make use of your card: one is to use it for purchases and the other is to make purchases using your card while it is still in the validity period. For example, when the expiration time of your card is approaching, you do not have to buy anything using it, and therefore, you do not incur any charges. On the other hand, when you want to make purchases, then you can enter a credit or debit card number and then make the purchase. This is how you can avail yourself of universal gift cards.

Another advantage of using your card is that there is usually no charge for balance transfers. If you transfer a balance from another credit or debit card to your current account, then there will be a charge for the balance transfer. However, if you choose to carry a balance over to your next billing cycle, then there is no cost on your part. These are some of the perks that you stand to enjoy if you decide to carry your balance over.

When you want to activate your card, then you need to visit the website that issues the gift cards and then you will be provided with a process of activation. Usually, this takes just a few minutes and once you complete the activation process, you will be automatically granted with the access code. The code will allow you to enter your name and the billing address of your choice. Also, you will be asked to confirm your email address as well as your phone number. To ensure that the process will go smoothly, it is best to keep in touch with the customer service of the company offering the Universal Gift card so you will always have someone to contact if there is an issue after you activated your card.