The gameplay of Dominoqq revealed 

Rise of online gambling 

No one would have thought that they can play their favorite casino games with the ease of sitting at their sofas with a coffee in one hand and the mobile in another. A few years before, physical casinos were the only way to play gambling games. Every player needed to go to a nearby casino to risk his money to win big. But the recent digital era has transformed everything. Many online sites came up that allow players from anywhere around the world to play casino games online with a computer or a mobile. Countries like Malaysia also being active in the online gambling stage. Online casino Malaysia is developing year by year. More players are being attracted to these online casinos because of popular games like Dominoqq. Dominoqq is an easy-to-play game that attracts more new players to sign up for these casinos. In this article, let us discuss the gameplay of Dominoqq in brief. 

How to play Dominoqq?

A domino is a tile-like structure that will have numbers from one to six printed on top and bottom of it. It will be the same as a flattened dice that has the numbers on the same plane. 

Before the start of the game, every player should bet an amount into the pot. Then three pairs of dominoes will be given to each player (pair means a domino with numbers on the top and bottom phases) The players will see their dominoes and hide them from other players. After seeing the dominoes, the players can do any of the following, 

Call – It is the process of matching the current bet amount

Raise – It is the process of calling against a bet and placing a consequent bet higher than that

Fold – It is the process of leaving the game and not continue anymore

If there is only one bettor in the first round, the pot amount will go to him regardless of the dominoes’ values. He need not reveal his dominoes. But if there is more than one better, then an extra domino will be given and betting will start for the last time. 

 Winning procedure – The player with the highest-ranking hand is the winner. The ranking will be based on the addition of all the numbers he gets on the dominoes and considering the unit digit. If a player gets 5-3, 6-2, 4-1, then the total is 21 and the rank will be 1 since the unit digit of the total is 1. Likewise, the player with the highest rank is the winner. If a player gets 9 as the total it’s a qui. Then if he takes another domino and it gives a total of 9, it is called as qui qui and he will be the winner. A hand with a nine and five will be qui-5 and it is the lowest ranking. 


Qui qui is an easy game that can attract many players to try it. You can find this game in almost all the online casinos. Knowing the rules of the game before participating in it will increase the chances of winning.