The importance of technological advancements in the aftermath of the pandemic

Edge computing: the what, how and where of the edge

In this era of technological advancements, it is important that every sector has the most advanced technologies implemented in order to overcome the devastating and long lasting effects of the pandemic. And one of the major sectors where this need implementation of technological advancements is paramount is the industrial sector. And one of the most prominent technologies that have emerged in the recent years as one of the most promising technologies is the edge computing system. 

What is exactly edge computing and how is it used in the industries?

The term edge computing generally refers to a distributed open IT architecture. The Edge computing system allows a decentralised processing of data and it also enables mobile computing and other internet of things technologies such as the industrial internet of things technology. In edge computing technology the data is processed locally on a computer or a local server contrary to many technologies that require remote server access or data centre to process and analyze data. Edge computer and computing system thus helps in optimizing web applications locally. It also helps in improving internet based device performances in an industrial setup. The main operating principle of edge computing is based on the minimizing the need of long distance communications between device and remotely positioned server systems. There are generally three key steps towards installing and implementing cloud computing system in an industrial setup. At first step, computer and storage resources are directly connected with the edge cloud also known as the local cloud. In the next step, a MQTT broker is installed. And lastly an elastic MapReduce cluster is deployed on the local edge cloud to ensure that the data is processed quickly and correctly in time. In simpler terms, the edge computing system along with the cloud networking system and industrial internet of things technology helps in the processing and relaying of data faster. This in turn helps in developing faster production and processing units in the industrial sector.

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