The Mystical Appeal of Garnet Rings

Garnet is an ancient and highly unique gemstone. Unlike other popular gemstones, Garnet consists of an assortment of components. Most of these components are Silicate minerals, which give the stone a fashionable dark red color. This color has been perceived as ‘magical’ since the Bronze Age. The stone had a special place in the ancient Egyptian civilization known. It was used by emperors and empresses to avoid unfriendly stares from the masses. Mystics also recommend Garnet to people who have problems with controlling their blood flow. Apart from blood deficiency and similar illnesses, ancient physicians also used to suggest the Stone to people who had hemoglobin problems.

Ancient History

Ancient priests and priestesses used to wear Garnet Rings as it was seen as a stone that detoxified their blood, keeping their hearts peaceful and serene. Although it is not scientific to say that Garnet improves the health of your lungs or heals any wounds, the ancient claim that the stone shields people from harm is not untrue. In modern times, Garnets are famous for their rigidity. The semi-precious stone is widely used in factories as industrial abrasives. Jewelers also transport Garnet sand remnants to water filtration plants because the stone has amazing filtration qualities.

Widescale Appeal

Be it for improving fertility, industrial use, or in modern jewelry – the extensive prevalence of Garnet in civilizations from around the world cannot be denied. Rhodolite, one of the many species of Garnet is particularly famous for its rose-pink color. Chemically and in terms of composition, Rhodolite is much purer than other species of Garnet, such as Pyrope or Almandine. Rhodolite Garnet gemstones are bright, light, and offer fantastic clarity. These stones have high refractive indexes, which makes them costly. Top jewelers source these top-quality Garnet gemstones from Tanzania. But, they are widely available in top jewelry stores around the world.