The Saintdiamonds Method – Turning Ashes Into Diamonds

The Saintdiamonds method is a great way to turn ashes to diamonds. Using a special technique, the ashes are transformed into precious stones and then sold to jewelry manufacturers. The entire process takes just a few months, and the resulting stones are worth millions of dollars. This is why many people have become interested in the process. Read on to discover more. The Saintdiamonds method is a unique way to turn ashes into precious gems.

Saintdiamonds is a company that uses a complex process to turn pet ashes into precious gemstones. The diamonds are created by purifying the carbon of the pet ashes. This process involves heating the ashes under extreme pressure and high temperature conditions in a vacuum environment. The ash is then poured into a special press where a diamond seed is placed in the inner core cube. This procedure simulates the process of natural diamond creation in the Earth’s mantle.

The ash is used to make jewelry. The process takes around a week to complete, but is a million times faster than the process required to make a diamond from its natural state. The ashes are then transported to a laboratory where it will undergo the HPHT process. The resultant diamond is then made into a precious gem, which is usually a diamond. The price of the jewelry is dependent on the size of the diamond.

Carbon and other minerals make up the composition of cremation remains. They also contain salts and calcium, among other things. The carbon is extracted and mixed with general carbon, which is a compound that can aid in the extraction of other chemicals from the body. The final product is carbon dioxide. Heavy metals such as mercury can be removed from fillings and metal shrapnel can be removed from the ashes thanks to the general carbon. It is this combination that produces a diamond that is both beautiful and valuable. The ashes of a loved one can also be used to create a beautiful and timeless piece of jewellery.

The first step in the process is to separate carbon from the other elements present in the ashes. Later, the Saintdiamonds team employs an advanced separation technology in order to separate carbon from the other elements. The diamonds are then cut and shaped into shapes that represent the person who has passed away. Approximately three months pass during the process, after which the ashes are sent to a laboratory for further examination. A welcome kit, which includes an instructional booklet, will be sent to the customer by the company upon his or her arrival. As soon as the ashes have been separated from the rest of the mixture, the process continues to produce precious diamonds.

Diamonds are created by combining ashes with carbon. The procedure is lengthy and complicated, and it consists of seven distinct stages. To begin, it is necessary to separate carbon from the other elements that can be found in the ashes. In the following step, we will put the carbon graphite powder into a machine that will simulate the conditions on the surface of the earth, causing it to crystallise and form a raw diamond. A typical three-month procedure is followed by top scientists from Germany and Texas who oversee the entire process.