Tips On Choosing The Best Manga Series To Read

If you are one of those people who want to try reading manga, it is a must that you start on the right series to read. There are some first timers who completely lose their interest with reading manga series simply because they failed to choose the right one to start off. 

There are a lot of manga series available and all of them seems interesting, but not until you do your homework you would understand that some of them are only interesting at first. It takes just one manga series to build your interest about the manga craze, same as with completely breaking your interest to it.

Moving on, there are actually a lot of ways for you to determine the right manga series for you to read. This article will help you find the perfect one for you. 

How To Choose The Right Manga Series To Read

Out of the many อ่านการ์ตูน series introduced, being introduced and will be introduced, have you thought which of them is best for you to start with? It may not be an easy task to do, but considering the following tips, your goal of finding a good manga series to read will be achieved. 

  • Think of a good genre to read

Consider your interest, are you fond of comedy, drama, or adult scenes? Make sure that you read a series that would complement your interest. If you are an adult looking for a more serious and adult storyline, you can go for adult manga, like the ones lead by มังงะ. Meanwhile, if you want it full of action, choose manga series that are popular because of its action storyline same as with comedy, drama and romance. 

You will never lose options with manga series as they come in different genre and every genre has a lot of series to offer its readers. You always have to start with the genre of the manga before going any further. 

Do not go for a storyline that has an exact opposite of your interest, you can actually consider it once you find the manga reading experience already interesting. 

  • Consider the length of the series

Choose a series you know you can finish. Do not go for a series that has more than a 100 episodes if you know that you do not have that much patience reading. There are shorter manga series and considering that is a good idea for people who are not as patient reading and waiting for the verdict. 

  • Consider the author

Choose an author that is known in the manga world. Unlike other flicks you know, most of the time manga has only one author or writer until the end of the series and with this you are assured that there is a continuity in the storyline. 

Considering the author is a good idea especially for starters as they are not as forgiving with lousy and boring series. For other enthusiasts, they can definitely read series written by new writers.