Top 2 Places That Must Be present in Your japan tour destinations List

If you are planning to visit Japan for the first time, then you must be pretty excited. Being the most industrially advanced nation of the world, Japan has a fascinating historical background. Even if it is is a small Asian country, history dates back many years. You might be surprised to hear that the Shinto and Buddhist temples of Japan were in existence long before the establishment of the spectacular cathedrals in Europe. The design and décor found in the temples are the best examples of the artistic sense of the artisans even thousands of years ago. The trading of silk and ceramics, along with fine porcelain, has been the source of money influx.

Majestic Mount Fuji 

If you check out the lust of the top tourist attractions in Japan, then Mt. Fuji will pop up first on eh list. Towering at the height of 3,766 meters above the sea level, the majestic Fuji-San is the highest peak of Japan. You can see it right from Tokyo, which is almost 100 kilometers away from Mount Fuji. It is the most popular among the japan tour destinationsMillions of people climb the mountain each summer as a part of the pilgrimage journeys.

Scintillating Tokyo

Your tour will be incomplete without the visit to Tokyo. The Imperial Palace is the famous landmark of the city. Built in the 17th century, the palace has moats and walls surrounding it. Even though a significant portion of the palace is not open for public viewing, it should not discourage you. For already, what you will see is more than enough to leave you spellbound. You can view the palace from five points, one of them being Nijubashi Bridge, which has its name for its watery reflection.