Types of boxing bets

When betting on boxing at ufa1688, there are several options on what you can be able to bet on. As a newbie, you might only be aware that you can bet on the fight that is going to win, but the truth is that there are a variety of options you have. Apart from the options making the betting on boxing more fun, it tends to add extra ways in which you can be able to make money.

The following are some of the ways you can bet on ufa1688:

To win bets

It is the most common and popular boxing bet that you might be aware of. It is, at times, referred to as a money line bet. It is a wager that is more than picking on the fighter who is to win the fight. If the fight is won by the boxer that you pick, you win your to-win a bet. If the fighter loses, you lose your bet.

When the fight ends, bet

One of the things that are most popular with boxing betting is that you might not know when it is going to end. To understand who is to win at the end of the fight is great, but you can still get money on your bet for figuring out when the fight is going to end. The good thing about these particular bets is that you don’t even have to pick the winner of the fighter. Either of the fighters can end up winning, and you will win if the fight ended when you predicted it would. 

Double chance bet

It is a bet in boxing that takes the to-win bet and combines it with a victory bet, a traditional method. A victory bet is where the wager you select is about if the fight is going to end by a decision or TKO/KO. You will technically not see this in the boxing itself as it is a go distance bet.

With the bet of this nature, you will have to select the winner of the fight and the method to victory. It means that you will have four options to go by:

  • Fighter one by TKO/KO
  • Fighter one using decision
  • Fighter two using decision
  • Fighter two using TKO/KO

For you to be able to win using the double chance bet, both parts have to be bet on correctly. You will have to pick the match-winner and how they will win. It means that they are mini parlays that are pre-built. Because they are more precise as compared to either bet on its own, you will get a nice premium if you make the correct pick.

Knockdown special bets

It is a betting type that is popular in the boxing betting world.  You will be required to wager on whether one fighter or not will be able to knock down the other fighter at any particular point in the bout.  The method of betting is simple. If the fighter whom you pick is able to knock down the other fighter, you win the bet. You can as well bet that there will be no knockdown in the boxing.