Understanding more about probability and value in sports betting


If you ask anyone how they can win from sports betting, many will end up telling you that the only way is to make accurate predictions. While this may be true, you might end up being surprised by the fact that trying to make the right prediction is not the only way to make constant profits when you are gambling on sports. This is important to know because, no matter how good you are at making your prediction, it is not that possible to make the right and correct predictions all the time. There are so many variables in sports betting and getting all of them right is not as easy as it may seem. We might be right most of the time but we cannot be always right. Not even the most successful gamblers in the world can win all the time that they place their bets. That is why the most important aspect of betting should be to try and find value. Many punters do not know and understand what value is. It is very important to know about 꽁머니 and value and how it is related to probability. 

Hit rate

In sports betting, punters must always try to understand what hit rate is all about. Your hit rate is simply the number of bets that you win about the number of bets that you place. The hit rate is always expressed as a percentage. For example, if you happen to place 100 bets and you win 50 of them, that means that your hit rate is 50%. If you win in every single bet that you place, that means that your hit rate is 100%. It is not that easy to have a hit rate of 100% because even the professional punters lose sometimes. Therefore, a 100% hit rate is unrealistic. Although that is not possible, it is very important to try and be as accurate as possible. You should also know that a hit rate doesn’t guarantee to make profits in the future. 

Probability in betting

This is what many punters should also try to understand when they are betting on sports. In general, the probability is very straightforward. Probability in sports betting measures how likely something is likely to happen. Probability in sports betting is usually expressed in decimals. The probability is usually from 0 to 1.0.  0 indicates the impossibility of winning in a sports game and 1.0 indicates a certainty. Apart from the use of decimals, probability can also be expressed in terms of percentages. In sports betting, probabilities can be calculated precisely. In sports betting, the probability is not that straightforward. This is because it is impossible to calculate the exact outcome of the game. 


There are three important things that you should always know as a punter. The first thing is that your hit rate is not as important as many people have been made to believe. If you are losing a lot of money overall, it is not worth it.