What are the advantages of active domain services? Some history related to it

Active directory is the product of Microsoft. The sample preview of active directory is launched in the year 1999 and the final application is released in 2000 with the new server of Microsoft windows. The introduction of new features is continued with the successive launch of the Microsoft windows server.

In 2003, the New window server of Microsoft includes the updated version of the active directory as it contains the ability to change and edit the domains within the network server. It also provides the facility to make changes in the active directory tools.

In 2008, the Microsoft windows server released a new feature in active directory. It contains additional active directory federation services that allow the user to access multiple networks by using the same username and password.

In 2016, The new version of active directory led the focus on the security of the directory cloud and for this, a new feature active directory certificate system is introduced that provides public keys to every information so that one can exchange the information securely.

Benefits of active directory services

One can experience various advantages of the active directory system. Let’s discuss some of the top benefits of using the active directory. There are major three benefits present of the active directory that are simplified resource location, a single login for access to various resources, security administration, and centralized resources take a brief look at these advantages one by one.

  1. Simplifies resource location
  • This facility allows the user to simplify the resource location as it enables the print objects and files to be published on the server. Due to this one can access the files and print resources by simply searching on the network or active directory database.
  • The search of files and print resources are based on files description like its username or location where it is published. Users can find its file on any server and it gives the facility to easy access to the resources.
  1. Single login to access various resources
  • Active directory domain services allow the users to get access to the resources from a single point of the network that means you have to access only at once to get access to files that are present in various networks. This is the main advantage of active directory domain services. This made it different from others
  1. Security administration and Centralizes resources
  • Through this feature, various administrators can manage the resources from a single point. This feature allows the user for the secure exchange of information over the server. It helps the organizations to centralize the various resources to a single point from where they can manage the resources securely.
  • One can run its business model or any organization with the help of this feature. This feature is considered as the main reason behind the success of active directory.

Active directory tools are the main database for its domain services. One can try active directory domain services for a good and better experience of secure networks.