What Are The Different Types Of Vodka Have You Tried? Take A Look At Them Here

You might have often wondered what makes vodka a preferred alcoholic drink over others? Why do people like to have it? A straightforward answer to this question is its simplicity. Since it has a neutral taste and color, you can use it to mix with other drinks.

Apart from this, you can only differentiate vodkas by their flavors, aromas, and colors. You can make a comparison by how long they were in barrels for aging.

Plain vodkas

Plain vodkas or traditional vodkas are sophisticated and uncomplicated alcoholic beverages. Generally, high-end companies use 95% alcohol, which can go up to 96.5%, to produce plain vodkas. Furthermore, they consist of only 40% water and 60% ethanol.

Therefore, this drink does not have an overpowering taste. So if someone says they enjoy the taste of plain vodkas, it makes zero to no sense. But what might be trying to say is that they like the refreshing kick plain vodkas give. Its neutral taste is calming and goes well with other drinks as a base.

Flavored vodkas

If there is something as popular as plain vodkas, it has to be the flavored ones. But these are not new additions since flavored vodkas have been around in countries like Germany, Russia, and Poland. Despite that, the trend of flavored vodkas is slowly expanding in the remaining countries for their taste and variety.

As the name suggests, flavored vodkas are different from regular alcoholic drinks. Some say that you can also make them at home using alcohol and fruit juice or fruit distillates. The versatility and unique flavors of flavored vodkas are something that blows our minds. You can find varieties like citrus, strawberry, mandarin, grapefruit, and lemon. But the list does not end here because there are other varieties like rose, peach, pineapple, and much more.

Fruit vodkas

When we talk about fruit vodkas, we also include the herbal and infused versions. This variety of vodka depends on the infusion process for its flavor, aroma, and color. It is a lengthy process that gives impeccable results of flavorful alcoholic spirits with pleasing aromas.

However, the process takes around 3-4 weeks before filtering and finalizing the product for its aging process. Some say it is manageable at home, but we advise leaving things to the professionals.

Other types of vodkas

The three types of vodkas stated in the article are the most common varieties. Not to forget how easily available they are in almost all countries. Apart from them, there are less popular types that only a few like to consume. The list includes grain vodkas and natural distilled vodkas.

In some cases, high-quality dry grain vodkas have 96.5% pure rye alcohol. On the contrary, dry alcohols made from 1.5 g/l of fruit distillates or infusions are Zytnia Vodkas in some regions. In addition to this, there are other slightly flavored vodkas where you have options like bison grass, citrus skins, and pepper.