What to know about vape mods

Do you want to upgrade your vape kits? Then  you have landed at the right place. Whether you are looking for the vape kits or the mods, you will be able to learn all the things regarding vaping. It is going to help you in understanding all the basics of vaping so that you can vape the way the prop do it. 

With a variety of vapes types which are on the market today, it might be tough to navigate through them. Before you start vaping, there are things that you need to understand clearly; the e-juice and the vaping device. You have to understand the various types of vapes and then pick a device that is well suited for your specific needs. 

Picking the right vape

Vapers are known to love various as it is what makes the vaping to be quite thrilling and exciting. And that is what vaping is known to offer. With a variety of liquid flavors that are gotten on the market today, you are assured of getting a combination which suits your explicit needs. 

Before you pick the best vape mod, it is necessary that you try familiarizing yourself with the various styles of vaping and the functions that are available for the common vape mods. Different vapers tend to have different needs. There are some common things which vapers look out before choosing a vaping device that include battery life that is extended, ease of use, efficiency, and portability.

Different vape mods types

The following are the common vape mods types. You will need to learn the benefits of every mod that you come across and thus, a need to read about them.

Box mods

Box mods are all about customization and power. With the box mods, you will have the power of automatically controlling the temperature levels which then gives you the flexibility that you require when it comes to doing your vaping. With that, you can be able to control everything like the temperature, power, and vapor production. The battery life that is in the box mode is known to be superior. Each mod for example, can house more than two 18650 battery. Additionally, it is known to be easy to swap the batteries. 

The box mods come with a particular chipset, allowing for more personalization. You will be able to change the lighting, the screen color, and the puff counts limit in various options. Other features which are important when it comes to the vape mods include the ability of being able to change how soft/hard the pull feature can be. 

Also, there is an inbuilt Bluetooth speaker and voice control.  You have to also know that, the modern models are dustproof, waterproof, and shockproof. And it is what makes the vape mods to be ideal when it comes to the hiking and job sites.

Apart from that, it is possible to swap RTAs, vape tanks, besides the RDAs through the 510 connection