Why is Wholesale jewelry known for its design and quality?

Hong Factory has evolved into more than just a marcasite jewelry manufacturer due to its passion for reviving antique designs. Our mission at Hong Factory is to provide our customers with a luxurious experience for one-of-a-kind contemporary and timeless designs. Our wholesale jewelry collection focuses on creating an exquisite and diverse experience for you at an affordable price. With over 8000 wholesale jewelry designs, we want our customers and clients to take advantage of the collection’s diversity and our advanced customization for creative and personalized private-label collections.

  • The brilliant craftsmanship we’ve incorporated into every piece of our collection demonstrates our consistency in quality and elegance.
  • Our talented and skilled artisans use razor-sharp precision in their cuts and patterns.
  • Their attention to detail ensures that each of our pieces meets the high standards we’ve set for ourselves over the last 48 years.
  • Wholesale jewelry andAll of Hong Factory’s elements have enabled us to present some of the best wholesale marcasite collections on the market.
  • You’ll find a variety of elegant and timeless designs that are appropriate for any occasion.

Several natural Swiss marcasite gemstones For authenticity, each piece of private-label jewelry can be accompanied by a card bearing the Swarovski logo. Our marcasite collection includes everything related to jewelry. Marcasite rings, necklaces, bracelets, and marcasite pendants and charms, our desire to create timeless jewelry has led us to develop an everlasting marcasite watch collection that is adored by both men and women. There is something for everyone, as long as you want something exceptional. At Hong Factory, we make confident that our pieces are a perfect blend of modern and delicate. So don’t just take our word for it; come in and let us assist you.

Hong Factory has provided “custom jewelry manufacturer” or OEM of all kinds of jewelry from high-value jewelry and masterpiece one-of-a-kind items to everyday silver jewelry settings for 48 years. Our factory, which employs 500 people, is located in Bangkok, Thailand.

We specialize in sterling wholesale jewelry with cubic zirconia (CZ), plain silver, and marcasite jewelry. With a variety of silver finishes ranging from Rhodium plating to Oxidized Finish. Visit us today at one of the world’s upcoming international jewelry fairs. While considering wholesale jewelry for fashion trend you need to make sure whether you have selected the design is of the best quality and recently updated design.

We create numerous types of silver earrings, starting from head to toe. Our wholesale jewelry is promoting speedy! We also have many elegant wholesale silver earrings, including studs, hoops, clusters, grasp, and chandeliers. You’ll find out limitless products to pick out, from a wholesale silver pendant, wholesale silver bracelet, wholesale silver brooch, and lots of more excellent. The trendy, timeless wholesale silver watch is the appropriate upload on your wholesale jewelry stock. With such a lot of great merchandise covered, buy bulk wholesale silver stock to acquire quantity good deal and enjoy superb financial savings!