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Faded is that one site you are looking for to Shrooms dc. Let us get introduced to the site.

  • Mission:

The site is a strong believer in giving a unique experience in online retail shopping. It offers mushroom products that are purely intended for increasing people’s health by educating them about and providing the right kind of mushrooms to consume.

Every day they come up with new inspiration and take it to convey the right information to the people to help them know about mushroom and their products. Psilocybin is a medicinal product that has medicinal properties which help people improve their mental health. It has also been found that it gives a deep sense of satisfaction and happiness.

  • Services:

Psilocybin mushroom is the mushroom that is allowed for people above the legal age in  . This site makes it available for those who are above 19. The orders are shipped within business days. In  , XpressPost delivers the order in 2-3 days. The products are carefully packed and they are all smell proof.  You can track the order on Canadian Post Tracking Number.

  • Customer care:

Sometimes, online processes take time. Customers may face issues with their orders. Therefore Faded has its own customer care service which makes sure that all your doubts are solved. You can ask for the details about your order in process. You can also approach them if you have some questions about their mushroom products. The source from which the products are delivered in British Columbia.

Email: fadedfungi@protonmail.com

Now let us have a look at the dried mushrooms that they sell on the site.


They sell a variety of dried mushrooms, each having some unique property that is helpful for health. Shrooms dc with the help of this site at best price.

  1. Vietnamese:
  2. If you purchase this product, you can earn up to 15-100 points.
  3. It originated from Tonkin (Hanoi) which is in North Vietnam. This region comes in Southeast Asia.
  4. This mushroom belongs to PsilocybeCubensis species.
  5. It has thin and wide stems along with large triangular caps.
  6. It comes in a variety of colors like white, golden brown.


  1. Texas Yellow Cap
  2. It is originated from Texas city in the USA.
  3. It comes in the Southern North American region.
  4. It belongs to PsilocybeCubensis species.
  5. It is available in colors like golden brown or white.


  1. Brazilian
  2. Brazilian mushrooms are originated from Southern Brazil in the Amazon forest.
  3. It belongs to the South American Region.
  4. The species to which it belongs is very famous. Its name is PsilocybeCubensis.
  5. It has small but thick stems along which wide circular caps.
  6. Golden brown color and white color are the two colors available in this category.



  1. Blue Meanies
  2. It has American, African, Southeast Asian, and Australian origins.
  3. The subtropical climates are the preferable regions.
  4. PsilocybeCubensis species contributes to this.
  5. It wide and thick stems along with bulbous, flat caps.
  6. There are vibrant colors like golden, blue stems. Brown, white.



  1. Arenal Volcano
  2. Arenal Volcano is itself originated from Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica. It is in the Central America region.
  3. PsilocybeCubensis is the species to which this mushroom belongs.